Thanks For Using my IRC's Now you Can Pick Where you would like to go... TalkCity Or DALnet.. If you are having trouble getting on the Chat Please HIT CMD + R Till you See The Title of the IRC on the bottom of your Screen! I Hope you like my IRC's if you have a Problem with any of the IRC's Just Email me at Wacky World And I will Answer your Questions! Thanks And Remember to be Nice My Chat RoomS! Thanks

If you do not know how to work an IRC Please Read Here... Or For FAQ read!

Most IRC's Are Just Like A Regular Chat Room..
To Change Rooms! To Chat to a Different chat Room Choice where it says Join.. That Will let you change rooms. PleasE Enter the Room Name Where it Says Channle/Room Name.. The First two thing that come up are the server and port number no need to worry about them if you are staying on that server..

Where Are The PopUps On The IRC Where you See Tell, Away, Ignore, Whois The Last One Says OPTIONS this is in caps.. Click on that And Scroll to the Bottem. Please Give it a Few Seconds to Load. There Will Be an Option Menu that Comes up.. For Music, Popups, EZtalk, Buddy list, ADV Whisper (letting you msg more then one person) And so on. Just choice What you like then hit Go.. That should be what ever you like at the bottem of the Screen.

Why Does the Screen Go Black? I'm Really Unsure Why the Screen Goes Black at some times. This maybe do to server you on. You Find most Problems when you Choice a Song. Im Work on this Problem right now and Hope that have that fixed soon.

What Are The /msg's for The /msg are for to Whisper ppl.. If the person is in another room or you can not find the person in your Whisper box. Then you can msg them.. to Work this.. Type the person's name in you wish to msg.. in the box with the /msg in it so it shall look like this /msg ThErEsA-AnN The box that is blank next to it Should to your message to that person. It really saves time so you dont have to keep written out the person's name..

I hope this answered some of your Questions tht you do have. Please feel Free to email me with anymore that you may have... Thanks For Using my IRC and dont forget to send it to all your friends..